Aid to the developing world from Hastings area churches

LOAF Project is looking, with your help, to raise £15,000 in the Hastings area so that together, we can rebuild broken communities, help restore peace and give hope for the future to some of the world’s most deprived children. When we discovered how numerous vulnerable young girls were dropping out of school during adolescence, suffering from a lack of dignity, and missing out on important education in the remote, high Minembwe Plateau in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), we decided to take action and the Freedom FUNdraiser was born. The isolated plateau is vast and covers an area around the same size as east and west of Sussex. Many of the girls have suffered rape and poverty caused by war, corruption

and instability in the DRC – one of the poorest countries worldwide.  They turn to unhygienic personal protection like dirty rags, paper and even leaves and have no hot showers, leading to infections.  

Many girls go on to fall pregnant and still have to raise their orphaned siblings too. Our Campaign will help our partner, Eben-Ezer Ministry International in the DRC by raising £15,000 to fund special training for teachers in 300 schools, free initial kits made up of fabric, washable towelettes, liners, panties, soap and deodorant, for 450 girls, plus sewing machines and business skills training for the set-up of kit-making micro-businesses run by  local young women for long-term sustainability and self-support.  

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