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LOAF PROJECT is a registered charity (no: 293855)

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You should receive a sponsor form within 7 days of application, if you do not receive a sponsor form please click here to contact us.
ONLINE WA L K  R E G I S T R AT I O N  F O R M  2016
We encourage all walkers to take part in a family picnic at Icklesham Village Hall
from 12:30 onwards. Please bring your own food but drinks will be provided.
WA L K  R E G I S T R AT I O N  2016
This year LOAF is inviting you to walk to support the Centre for Profound Learning Difficulties in Islamabad

five different lengths of walk are available as follows:
5 Miles, 8 Miles, 8 Miles, 15 Miles and 20 Miles based on Ore and Icklesham

WALK A  Starting from Christ Church Ore at 9am. 8 Miles to Icklesham Village Hall via Guestling                Woods (The 100 Bus returns to Ore at 13:49)

WALK B  Starting from Icklesham Village Hall at 13:30. 8 Miles to Christ Church Ore via Fairlight                Country Park (The 100 Bus leaves Christ Church for Icklesham at 12:21)

WALK C  By combining Walks A and B a whole day walk of 16 Miles is available.

WALK D  Starting at 13:30 a 5 Mile circular walk via Winchelsea, finishing at Icklesham Village Hall

WALK E  For the really intrepid, a combination of Walks A, B and D gives route of 21 Miles

Please bring this mobile with you on the walk

If you are planning to walk with any others as a group we still need a separate form for each individual.
When starting your walk it is helpful for us to know if you are walking in the company of a specific group. Please identify your group to our Registrars on the day.

I undertake to pay an entry fee of £5 (if over 16) for the walks to meet administrative costs (any money left over once these costs have been met will be added to the funds for the Loaf Project 2016)

A parent or guardian must consent to the participation of those under 16, and in so doing, take responsibility for their conduct and ensure they are accompanied by a responsible adult.
The online form doesn’t seem to be working, could you write the relevant details in an email and send it to info@loafproject.co.uk